Thursday, November 17, 2005

Listener Survey

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Episode 4 is Online!

Had a lot of fun recording Episode 4 with Mark Millard yesterday (and of course our super secret surprise guest star).

The episode is now online for your listening pleasure. Just click on the "Get the Podcast" link, or go here: or search for "Teach" in iTunes' podcast directory. Or the directory:
Or Podcast Alley at

No reason for you not to be enjoying Episode 4 on this fine Friday morning!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Episode 4: Blogs and Podcasts and Wikis, Oh My!

Episode 4 has been recorded and will be online soon, probably Thursday!

First, let me remind our listeners to please take a few moments and fill out our Listener survey! In order for this program to better meet your needs, we need to hear from you!

It's at:

And on with the episode....

1. Blogs....

This stat about blogs has been cited all over the place:
Around 35 million workers -- one in four of the labour force in the United States -- spend three-and-a-half hours, or nine percent of their working week on blogs, the survey found.

Weblogg-ed video (very professional!) shows how blogs are used in a high school:

Today's Catholic Teacher: Writing for an Audience
Provides learnerblogs for students, and uniblogs for higher ed.

David Wiley and Trey Martindale presented at AECT about blogs, wikis and RSS. You can view their presentation (and listen to it):

2. Podcasts:

IU gets on the lecture recording bandwagon:
iPod Lecture Recording Project
iStream ITunes Instructions

Really interesting screencast presentation.
Augmenting WebCT courses with Podcasts, Screencasts, Blogging and Games
Describes how to capture lectures through Camtasia and make screencasts.
As an ex-English teacher, I particularly like the idea of using Camtasia to give feedback on papers. And---Did you know that iTunes supports PDFs? You can include your converted slideshows and course documents with your podcasts.

3. Wiki:

If you haven't checked out the Wikipedia, do so now:

Let's Talk after Class: The Way of the Wiki

Describes the use of Wikis in English courses, analyzing poems and workshopping essays.

Finally....This episode features a super secret surprise guest star from the field of instructional technology!!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Episode 4 Preview

Episode 4 (and possibly 5) will be recorded next week.

The overall topic will be "Podcasts and Wikis and Blogs, Oh My!"

We'll be talking again about coursecasting. IU has heeded our calls and jumped on the podcasting bandwagon. We'll discuss how our professors can create and upload lectures.

We will also discuss Wikis and their educational applications. They are already using them in English classes at Columbia.

We'll share an innovative K-12 use of podcasting in a creative writing lab, as well...

And more, much more...

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Listener Survey

Now that the numbers of listeners to "Teach with Tech" are really starting to go up, we would really like to hear from you! We've created a very short Listener Survey. Filling this out will help us to plan for future podcasts and to make "Teach with Tech" the best podcast out there on integrating technology into K-12 and higher education. Please take a few moments and fill out this brief survey: