Monday, October 31, 2005

Welcome iTunes Users!

I'm very excited to announce that we are now listed on iTunes! Just browse through the Education list, or search for "Teach." We've got some exciting new episodes coming up! I encourage folks to share their thoughts and comments and suggestions about this podcast by emailing us at

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Episode 3 Online!

Well, Ep 3 is finally done! The longest one so far at half an hour and change. The resources mentioned are all listed and linked below. Thanks to Dr. Bonk for letting me share a couple of brief clips from his Bonkcasts!

You can listen to the shows by going to

Now, I've really got to look into this RSS thing. I know I mentioned that we had one earlier, but we actually don't, not yet.

Would appreciate any comments about the podcast. Feel free to suggest K-12 or Higher Ed resources. Would love to interview some people, too.

Monday, October 24, 2005

More on Episode 3

Well, I'm back from the AECT conference in Orlando, Florida. Lots of talk about podcasts and blogs and wikis, oh my!

Was hoping to create and upload Ep 3 before I left for the conference, but that didn't happen. Should be online soon!

Higher Ed "Coursecasting":

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting article describing the use of podcasting in higher education (subscription required), "Lectures on the Go":

Purdue's BoilerCast
Last episode, I mentioned how Purdue was podcasting many of it's lectures. I was able to chat with some of the Purdue people at AECT. Listened to a few excerpts today. You get the whole classroom experience--including instructors telling the students to sit and quiet down, and the audio of videos shown in class.
Check 'em out at:
Most are publicly available. Here's a sample:

K-12 Related Podcasts

The Washington Post has a great article summarizing how K-12 teachers are using podcasts in their teaching, "iPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet":

Here are some more K-12 related podcasts:

Educational Podcast Network

A directory for education-related podcasts. I like the way they've broken them down into subject related categories on the home page. Makes it very quick and easy to find what you are looking for. Not just ed tech, but other topics such as theatre arts, music ed, and healthy living are featured. There's also a section on student-created podcasts, which is where I found:

Room 208
This is a podcast created by 3rd/4th grade students in Wells, Maine. A real window into their classroom. Listen as the kids present Weird Facts of the Week, Math Corner, learn about OWLS and consider the challenges of moving up to 5th grade. Some kids are better at announcing than others, but the cheery music underneath keeps things flowing. What does the word "abrupt" mean? Find out what various kids think--LOL! What a wonderful way to showcase your students' talents, interests and accomplishments, and to introduce them to Internet broadcasting!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Episode 3: Attack of the BonkCasts!

It's been busy here in the IC since our last podcast.

Episode 3 will feature:

1. More Educational Podcasts
2. BonkCasting--Class lectures via podcast and webcast
3. Blogging and Finding Educational Blogs

1. More Educational Podcasts

I've spent some time recently looking through Podcastalley for quality educational podcasts. Here are some I've found.


This podcast regularly features interviews with technology integration leaders and covers a wide range of topics. One recent episode covered: copyright issues of digital content, politics of edtech, the use of tablet pc's, professional development, differences between U.S. & Canadian educational systems, & lots more. 20 broadcasts so far. Surprisingly, you can also listen in on the live broadcast, too.


I know there is a lot of interest in using technology as part of TESL, so I've included this one. Designed for ESL students, this podcast is designed to help them improve their spoken English fluency. Each podcast is divided into 2 sections: an interview or conversation and then an explanation of the more difficult phrases from the first part. Each 10-20 podcast is designed to be easy to understand and is spoken clearly and slowly. 65 of them so far. Topics like eating fast food, preparing a paper, reading magazines, etc. A related podcast is Breaking News English, which provides news headlines read aloud for ESL learners:

The Educational Mac

A podcast for educators using Macs, though a recent show featured handhelds also. An interesting iMovie vs. Windows Movie Maker comparison. Focuses on integrating Macs into the K-12 classroom.


Here's an interesting postsecondary site, focusing on integrating technology into the college classroom. The most recent episode proposes podcasts as an alternative to textbooks, citing the high cost of the print format. Another session presents an interview with a photojournalism professor who utilizes blogs in this teaching. Another session is on tablet PC and similar devices. Interesting hour-long podcasts.

TILT: Teachers Improving Learning with Technology

K-12 oriented. This one is actually a videoblog/vidcast/vblog/screencast--in other words, its got video, too! The video shows the related powerpoint slides and websites, and provides the URLs on the screen. Takes forever to download (more than 40MB) but some very interesting topics. Such as Problem-based learning with technology, an example of a student-created science lab report, using the Internet to enhance writing, using digital pictures, etc. (The distortion created by the compression makes the voice sound a bit scary, though! )

You can access these through the Podcast Alley site, or iTunes.

I welcome additions to this list!

2. BonkCasting--Class lectures via podcast and webcast

Recently, I've been working with one of our faculty members in his efforts to deliver extra content to his face-to-face (not distance) students. Find out more and hear some samples in the podcast!

3. Blogging and Finding Educational Blogs

Are you blogging yet? You should! You can set up one for free here at
While you're there, try searching for subjects related to your teaching. I'm sure you'll find some. Today, I searched with one of our associate instructors on the topic of diversity and multicultural education and found a treasure trove of blogs.

Off to the AECT conference in Orlando! I will be presenting on:
1. a survey of digital video projects going on here at the IU SOE
2. online K-12 professional development in Korea
3. using two-way interactive video as part of a mentoring program for "at risk" youth

Monday, October 03, 2005

Podcast #2!

Just finished the Episode 2 of Teach with Tech! Lots of interesting information in this one.

Mike Sassman, from Apple, visits and provides information on educational applications of Microsoft Word for Mac and Keynote. He informs us about how faculty will find the new iPod nano useful, as well as fun.

I discuss new features of our learning management system, Oncourse, and a couple of features you might not be aware of. I mention a few future features to come. We will be having Oncourse CL workshops in December and January for IU faculty. Non-IU folks may want to skip through this part; though they may find similar issues with their own learning management systems.

Purdue is now podcasting lectures on a wide scale. We can't let our longtime rivals get ahead of us on this one!

I welcome comments on any of the topics in this episode.