Monday, October 24, 2005

More on Episode 3

Well, I'm back from the AECT conference in Orlando, Florida. Lots of talk about podcasts and blogs and wikis, oh my!

Was hoping to create and upload Ep 3 before I left for the conference, but that didn't happen. Should be online soon!

Higher Ed "Coursecasting":

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting article describing the use of podcasting in higher education (subscription required), "Lectures on the Go":

Purdue's BoilerCast
Last episode, I mentioned how Purdue was podcasting many of it's lectures. I was able to chat with some of the Purdue people at AECT. Listened to a few excerpts today. You get the whole classroom experience--including instructors telling the students to sit and quiet down, and the audio of videos shown in class.
Check 'em out at:
Most are publicly available. Here's a sample:

K-12 Related Podcasts

The Washington Post has a great article summarizing how K-12 teachers are using podcasts in their teaching, "iPods Fast Becoming New Teacher's Pet":

Here are some more K-12 related podcasts:

Educational Podcast Network

A directory for education-related podcasts. I like the way they've broken them down into subject related categories on the home page. Makes it very quick and easy to find what you are looking for. Not just ed tech, but other topics such as theatre arts, music ed, and healthy living are featured. There's also a section on student-created podcasts, which is where I found:

Room 208
This is a podcast created by 3rd/4th grade students in Wells, Maine. A real window into their classroom. Listen as the kids present Weird Facts of the Week, Math Corner, learn about OWLS and consider the challenges of moving up to 5th grade. Some kids are better at announcing than others, but the cheery music underneath keeps things flowing. What does the word "abrupt" mean? Find out what various kids think--LOL! What a wonderful way to showcase your students' talents, interests and accomplishments, and to introduce them to Internet broadcasting!


Dan Craig said...

Hi Chris and company,

I'm glad that you touched on vlogging (Video Blogging) on this episode (#4). I really think that this is going to take off in the near future.

Though video is not an option for most devices yet (Zen and the video iPod are a couple), it can be viewed on your PC and delivered to your preferred blog aggregator.

Also, it is not an either/or issue (video that is). If you are producing videos you should be able to produce a separate audio file of the video. These can then be encoded separately in a blog posting (one as video, one as audio). This will enable your Podcast aggregator (iTunes, or other) to "see" the audio and transfer it to your media player (iPod).

* It would probably be a good idea when creating the video that some users will only be able to hear the audio version.

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