Friday, June 30, 2006

Teaching with Technology Tips Websites

Well, Episode 10, titled "Somewhat Fewer than 50 Tips for Teaching with Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow!" has been recorded and is being edited. It should be out the door by Monday. Just barely missing my target of getting one out every month. To tide you over until the podcast is available, here are some neat technology tips websites....

Marilyn Western's Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
I like "101 Uses for a Classroom Computer"
Some broken links though that are annoying.

Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers
Has some interesting student projects.

Teaching TIps Newsletter Archive
Over 300 brief newsletters with links to various tools and resources, including a "Teaching Tip of the Week" Might be worth subscribing to!

Teaching with Technology
Scholastic provides advice on using cameras, making digital movies, and managing your classroom computer center, as well as having a database of online activities. I like their ePals (keypals) pages:

Technology and Learning: The Resource for Education Technology Leaders
This site has interesting articles on new technologies such as clickers (personal response systems), smartboards, tablet PCs, wireless sound reinforcement systems and more. Has a grants database to help fund your school's projects!
Lots of tutorials here:

Teaching and Learning with Technology Tips
This site focuses on higher education, and includes diversity and classroom management tips. Talks a lot about ANGEL, which is a particular learning management system, but you could replace the references with Blackboard or WebCT or whatever you're using. Table format is easy to read quickly.

This episode's interviewee, Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich, provides a couple more sites:

"Here's a list of websites I compiled for teachers at a local school of the top websites I thought were great for teachers:

Here's another really great one by Annette Lamb - 7 Simple Ways to begin using technology:

More suggestions are welcomed!

Check back on Monday, July 3rd for the new episode!


Sunday, June 11, 2006

50 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow!

Well, on it's way in the sense that there is a plan to do it sometime this month.... But it will be worth waiting for. I've really enjoyed these recent interviews about podcasting, but I do realize that creating podcasts isn't for every teacher in every situation. In this next episode, I will broaden the scope quite a bit and discuss other options for the technology-using teacher.

I am pleased to announce that Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich, who has just joined us in the Instructional Systems Technology department here at Indiana University, will be my guest in the next podcast episode, and we will be discussing "50 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow." I very much look forward to our conversation!