Sunday, June 11, 2006

50 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow!

Well, on it's way in the sense that there is a plan to do it sometime this month.... But it will be worth waiting for. I've really enjoyed these recent interviews about podcasting, but I do realize that creating podcasts isn't for every teacher in every situation. In this next episode, I will broaden the scope quite a bit and discuss other options for the technology-using teacher.

I am pleased to announce that Anne T. Ottenbreit-Leftwich, who has just joined us in the Instructional Systems Technology department here at Indiana University, will be my guest in the next podcast episode, and we will be discussing "50 Ways to Use Technology in Your Classroom Tomorrow." I very much look forward to our conversation!


Anonymous said...

Chris- Waiting for your podcast is always well worth the wait. I am sure this one will be a winner too. Keep up the great work.

Brad Niessen from The TechTeacher Podcast

Meli said...

Apologies for the completely out of the blue comment, but I was wondering if perhaps you were the same W505a that once frequented the old bulletin boards, back in...oh...'99 or so? :)

Chris Essex said...

I'm sorry, Meli, but the only relevance W505a has to me is that it is the course number for my online course, "Using the Internet in the K-12 Classroom" which is offered by the Indiana University School of Education. (Currently enrolling students for fall!)

Thanks for contacting me anyway! I hope you find your friend!

Dave LaMorte said...

I really love this podcast. You should check out mine.

Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich said...

Chris -

I look forward to our conversation! If there is anyone out there with simple ways to use technology with teachers, perhaps they can post them here as well. We could create a ton of great ideas! :) Talk to you soon!

Chris Essex said...

You can, of course, listen to the "Teach with Tech" podcast by going to

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