Monday, August 07, 2006

Episode 11 Notes! Now with Wikiality!

 Well, the Fall semester is just about upon us here at Indiana University, as it is for most of you, I am sure, whether you are teaching at the college or K-12 level.  So Episode 11 is officially our "Back to School" edition.  I'll be teaching my online course again starting at the end of this 
month.  It's called Education W505: Using the Internet in the K12 Classroom

I'm revising  the course now to incorporate some new content that I want to 
cover.  Also, this will be the first time I teach without a print textbook to fall back on.  This will make the course cheaper for students, and they'll have the 
most up-to-date information from online sources.  Still time to register--the course doesn't start till 8/29.  International students welcome!  (Sorry this paragraph breaks so strangely--something is wrong with the text wrapping here.)

Did you hear about Stephen Colbert encouraging his audience to purposely falsify a Wikipedia posting on elephants--to state that the population of African elephants had recently tripled?   Naughty, naughty, Stephen--but it does serve as an important reminder to
consider the implications of "Wiki-ality." This is something we should discuss with our students when having them do Internet-based research. See it for yourself by clicking here.

Bringing democracy to knowledge, indeed!  Anyway, back to the new episode of "Teach with Tech."  Basically, the show is as described below in the previous posting.  Would love to hear what you think (


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