Thursday, January 26, 2006

Episode 6 is online!

Episode Six is (finally) online! Part of the delay comes from the fact that this was the first episode recorded in the new version of Garageband, which is part of iLife '06. So the episode may sound a bit better than previous ones...let me know what you think. As always, here are the relevant links to the main features of the podcast.
More episodes soon to come! I welcome your comments and suggestions for future podcasts!

All 6 episodes available for free at:
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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Episode Six Preview

Happy 2006 to all our loyal "Teach with Tech" listeners!

Episode Six will be an exciting one! Here are the provisional plans:

Segment 1 will deal with Oncourse CL, the learning management system that we use at IU. It's been substantially improved for Spring 2006. I'll share my experiences setting up my online course in the system. Oncourse CL is part of the Sakai Project, and other schools are using it under other names.

Segment 2 will feature our roving reporter, Mike Sassman. He'll be at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, and will let us know about the exciting new technology there (hardware and software), and how it could impact K-12 and higher education. I've heard some exciting rumors, and can't wait to hear his report!

Depending on length, this program may be available in one file, or as two.