Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Welcome to Teach with Tech!

I hope that you have had the chance to listen to the first episode of "Teach wth Tech," the podcast from the Instructional Consulting office in the Indiana University School of Education. If you haven't, please do so! It's free and doesn't even require an iPod--you can listen to it on anything that plays mp3 files, such as your computer.

I'm Chris Essex, your host for the show, though I plan to drag others into the "spot light, " too!

You can listen to the podcast by downloading it from:

The first show's topics are:
1. What is a podcast?
2. A few good educational podcasts
3. Tech tip
4. What is Macromedia Breeze

The immediate audience of the show is Indiana University School of Education faculty and Associate Instructors, but we welcome all interested listeners.

Featured Podcasts (you can find them using iTunes):

Education-Related Podcasts:
RETC Tech Pod:
The Tech Teachers (Ray and Holley):
Evening Educator:
Educational Podcasts (extra--this one is a bonus for you blog readers!):

The next two are purely tech in nature:
This Week in Tech:
Your Mac Life:

Breeze (at IU) :

Please share information about good education-related podcasts!



Ashley said...

Nice job! This blog together with the podcasts will definitely allow listeners a convenient area to comment and get to the links you mention.

The easy part is over. I guess the hard part is building a base of listeners. :)


Chris Essex said...

Thanks for the encouraging words!

Dan Craig said...

Great job on this guys.

Comments on OnCourseCL: I don't want to bad mouth it either, but it's really hard not to. However, I'll say that I havent' used it since the first week of classes this fall. At that time the discussion forum had no way to indicate what had been read and what hadn't (across sessions) and the survey function was terribly unreliable. These were the issues that drove me from the application.

I set up Moodle (another LMS) on my own account and have really loved the built-in functionality and flexibility of the application.

I have seen some notices from UITS that indicate they are working on some of the issues that I mentioned in oncourseCL (Sakai). I hope that they address these issues and maybe I'll give it a try next semester.

Chris Essex said...


You'll be pleased to know that there is a new Message Center in Oncourse CL...and it does track unread messages! It is not turned on by default though...You'll need to go into Site Info and add it. I like it a lot better than the old Discussion Forum (which is still there, and will need to be turned off). It's still not perfect, though--there is no search feature or flat view. But it is a major step forward.

The survey feature has also been improved. I did a couple of quizzes using it last semester.

I've heard good things about Moodle, too.

Thanks for posting!


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