Thursday, September 29, 2005

We're RSSed! And Upcoming Show

Hello again!

We now have an RSS feed, thanks to the folks at
Another major step forward for "Teach with Tech"!

Here's something interesting--an article on exploiting the educational potential of podcasting:

The next show is, at least partly, about learning management systems. You know, like WebCT, Blackboard, etc. We at Indiana University use a system called Oncourse, which is part of the Sakai Project. A number of universities have banded together to jointly develop this tool. This is the first semester of it's widespread use, and it's been...interesting. I'd like to talk about learning management systems this week. Some of the details will be Oncourse-specific, but I think that the show will be interesting even if you don't use our particular system.

If you have questions or comments about learning management systems, feel free to add a comment to this posting.